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Formica Solid Surfacing is a high performance material ideal for use in any environment where durability, aesthetics, hygiene and ease of maintenance are important.

A homogeneous composite of polyester and acrylic resins with mineral fillers and pigments, Formica Solid Surface countertops are:
resistant to staining, chemicals, heat and impact;
microbiologically inert;
approved safe for use in contact with food.


Formica countertops cannot harbor dirt or bacteria, even in the joints, making it ideal for applications where hygiene is critical. The product has been awarded the Certificate of Hygienic Merit by the Royal Institute of Public Health.

Features & Benefits
Small surface scratches sand out easily
Non-porous surface resists water and stains
Fabricates with standard carbide woodworking tools
Commercial and residential applications, general to heavy use
Available in post-formable sheet stock or molded shapes

Some of the many environments for which Formica Solid Surfacing is an excellent choice include domestic or commercial bathrooms and kitchens, schools, hospitals, shops and laboratories, with applications such as:
Laboratory work surfaces
Servery counters
Check-in desks
Reception desks
Washroom vanity units
Free-standing furniture
Shower enclosures
Kitchen work surfaces

Formica Limited manufactures these sheets at 12mm thick for horizontal applications. The most popular colors and patterns are also available in 6mm thickness for use as wall cladding and decorative inlays.

Formica Solid Surfacing Care

Formica Solid Surfacing is an elegant material available in a variety of colors and granite like patterns. It gives a rich, luxurious feeling to kitchen counters, work islands, wet bars, vanity tops, windowsills, tabletops, and many other applications.

Formica Solid Surfacing is not only one of the most beautiful surfacing materials available today, but also one of the most durable. A product of sophisticated modern technology, Formica Solid Surfacing is resistant to heat, stains, bacteria, and impact. It is nonporous, with the same color and pattern running throughout its thickness. This combination of features provides a deep, rich appearance that is easy to care for, so its beauty can be preserved for years to come.

Do not use over-the-counter cleaners that contain strong acids (e.g. cleaners for tile, grout, ceramic stove tops, toilet bowls, etc.). We recommend using either Countertop Magic or Plexus as polishes you can put on your Solid Surface countertop to enhance the shine. You may also use Hope's Solid Surface Cleaner & Polish.

Formica Solid Surfacing is nonporous and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergents or general purpose cleaner such as Mr. Clean® or Lestoil.® If you have a Matte finish, abrasive cleansers like Ajax® or Comet® may also be used. Periodically, it may also be helpful to go over the entire surface with an abrasive cleanser or a wet 7447 Scotch-Brite® pad (if Matte finish) or a wet 7448 Scotch-Brite® pad (if Satin finish) to maintain a uniform appearance. Rinse with water and towel dry.

Dark colors usually have a higher gloss than a Matte finish. Maintenance is generally limited to wiping with a mild detergent on a damp cloth and wiping dry.

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