Kitchen Trends Cabinets, Drawers, Shelves



Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers, Shelves

Kitchen Drawers & Shelves, Not Just A Lot Of Cabinets

The first few kitchen trends catching on in 2014 seem to be taken from commercial kitchens and bars.  Keep things simple and use a combination of cabinets, drawers and shelves in the kitchen instead of just a lot of traditional kitchen cabinets. 

Pots & Pans Storage

whitecabinets200Better Homes & Gardens reports that many kitchen Designers are replacing traditional spaces with shelves and drawers. The idea is about functionality and ease of use.  You know what a pain it is to dig out a pots and pans from under the counter from a deep cabinet.  Why not replace these with a series of drawers with full roller pullout draws.  You can get to what you want quicker and easier and store far more in drawers than in a cabinet where much of the space above the pots on the shelf are empty.  A bottom drawer  for tall pots, a center drawer for medium pans and the usual shallow shelf for knives and utensils.  Better functionality and more "usable" storage space is the result.  If you like this idea, it is not too hard to convert existing cabinets to drawers.

Kitchen Cabinets Vs. Shelves

Above the countertop most kitchen have only rows of cabinets.  Now if you think about efficiency and ease of use, open shelves may be the answer.  Everything is right in front of you and open to see and grab when you need it without opening and closing doors every time you want a dish or need a certain spice.  The draw back to this design is neatness.  Doors hide a lot of clutter.  If you have open shelving, it will be difficult and time consuming to keep everything neat and those doors also protect the contents from dust and splattering grease and accidental breakage.  You might want to compromise with a few open shelves and maybe glass doors instead of all open shelves.

Kitchen Pantries

If your kitchen pantry is like mine, it is just a closet with a lot of shelves.  Deep shelves where cans of food hide themselves like rabbits in a briar patch.  Here again you might want to think about drawers that can be pulled out to gain easier access to those things hiding in the rear.  Lighting is also a factor.  Make sure you have plenty of lights in the pantry.  Maybe an LED light strip that comes on automatically when you pull out the drawer and does off when you close it.  Again, these are ideas are not that complicated and even in the realm of the do-it-yourselfer on a weekend.  A pantry with a combination of shelves and drawers makes that old food closet much more functional and efficient.

Sounds like today's trends are about making the kitchen more functional, not just about beauty.  A beautiful kitchen is great but a beautiful and functional kitchen is fantastic!


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